Poets & Poems (Part V)) ‘The Grand Toad of Vitas Creek’) In English and Spanish

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(By Dennis L. Siluk)) Part V))
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The Grand Toad of Vitas Creek
[A legend, out of San Jeronimo, Peru]

The Grand Toad of Vitas Creek

(of San Jeronimo de Tunan)
If you are proven brave and worthy

(enough), you may pass his presence
And go beyond… he is the Grand

Guard of Vitas—:
Go beyond (I say) and seek whatever

Treasures one may—fancy, that is:
Hence, should you not be capable

Of such a feat (and prove yourself
Unworthy)) or perhaps think, you fooled

The old toad of Vitas, think again)):
Remember I told you so—he may eat you!…

Note: Going towards the Unishcoto Ruins, in the Mantaro Valley, the creek Vitas can be seen from the top looking down at the city of San Jeronimo de Tunán. It is most difficult to get to the ruins without a guide. It looks from the valley an easy task, but Silencil it is not, lest you go almost all the way around the mountain, the long way, and slowly upwards. In any case, Unishcoto Ruins, is the best preserved ruins in the valley, and worth the trip and effort, and so is the legend of the Grand Toad of Vitas Creek, you will most likely see it on the way up to the ruins. #1511 [10/17/2006] Dedicated to, and inspired by Betty Turin.

Spanish Version

El Enorme Sapo del Riachuelo Vitas
[Una leyenda, de San Jerónimo de Tunán, Perú]

El Enorme Sapo del Riachuelo Vitas

(de San Jerónimo de Tunán)
Si eres valiente comprobado y respetable

(suficientemente), podrías pasar su presencia
E ir más allá … él es el Enorme

Guardian de Vitas—:
Ve más allá (digo) y busca cualquier

Tesoro que uno pueda—antojo, esto es:
Pero eso si, si no eres capaz

De tal hazaña (y te pruebas a ti mismo
Vergonzoso)) o quizás piensas, que engañaste

Al viejo sapo de Vitas, piensa de nuevo)):
¡Recuerda que así te lo dije—que él puede comerte! …

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