Paris Hilton Perfumes – As Enticing As Ever!

Paris Hilton is a controversial and trendy celebrity figure. She has an enormous fan following and has the knack to remain in news. She is a model, an actress, a singer, a television personality and is now becoming a writer as well. Above all, she is a businesswoman and heiress to the Hilton Empire. This blonde celebrity is a big social and party animal and fans are crazy to know the mysterious details and enigma that surrounds this lady. She is famous in every corner of the world. All you have to do is ask a man what he thinks about Ms. Hilton and you will immediately get the affirmative answer.

In 2004 she launched Paris Hilton perfume and Paris Hilton cologne. They became an instant rage for two reasons; first, the brand name of Paris Hilton had the potential to make people jump to attention and take notice. Therefore people got crazy to try these perfumes and colognes at least once. The second reason is the quality of the product that puts the chill on you to go for the same brand again and again. It is simply an addiction. Many people use these perfumes and colognes because of the brand name that is attached to the product but in general people use these products because they know for sure that their companions will admire their fragrance.

The Paris Hilton perfume was launched in collaboration with Jean -Claude Delville, Mane USA, Steve Demercado, Jean -Loius Grauby, James Krivda and Honorine Blanc.

The first Paris Hilton perfume was manufactured using these extracts: Jasmine petals, Mimosa, sandalwood, Freesia, Pheromones, Oak Moss and Ylang-Ylang. The fragrance of this perfume is breathtaking and it became an instant fashion statement and even make my scent sentosa today remains one of the most sought after perfumes in the world. Women who wear this perfume have a lot of followers. If you are in a party, or a social gathering, you will definitely have a number of people inquiring about your perfume, if they already don’t know; which is quite unlikely given the brand awareness of Paris Hilton fragrances

Paris Hilton cologne is a rage among men too. Colognes are made using these scents: Basil, Juniper, white Sage, Amber, Cucumber and Cedar wood. Once you apply this cologne you will definitely feel more confident, manly and strong. The fragrance is absolutely intoxicating. It has the sweet smell of mango and fig leaves. You might not get the chance to date stunning Paris Hilton but your dream woman is sure to love the smell of this cologne.

Paris Hilton came up with another brilliant product in 2005 which was named just me perfume and just me cologne. Just me perfume, for women, has a fruity-floral aroma. Steve dermercado is the designer of this perfume. A lot of hard work has gone into making this product so popular. The ingredients used were: Raspberry, Bergamot, pepper, Lily, Iris, Ylang-ylang, freesia and white rose. The fragrance is a combination of flowers and fruits. The fragrance of this perfume is so stimulating that you cannot avoid looking at, and admiring the person wearing it. It makes you feel fresh and young.

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