Maintaining pH Balance – How Detoxing Can Keep Your Body Healthy!

Grow, glow, and go! pH levels indicate the amount of acidity-alkalinity in your body. When your body’s pH level becomes too acidic, you may become exhausted, gain weight, suffer poor digestion, and have more aches. If pH is to acidic for longer periods of time, you may suffer more serious problems. If this happens, it would be a good idea to “detox,” that is, to reduce the amount of unhealthy toxins in your body and return the pH balance to a more natural alkaline state.

While the human body naturally removes toxins through the processing of blood and waste elimination, it can sometimes be overloaded with unhealthy toxins. This may happen when a person is sick, and his or her biological processes are not functioning properly. It can also happen when we don’t maintain a healthy diet. Eating too many acidic foods can Blood balance produce an unhealthy imbalance. Lack of exercise can also impede your body’s ability to clean itself of harmful toxins. No matter how it happens, detoxing can produce a better health and a more productive life generally.

Human bodies work as hard to maintain a healthy blood pH level as they do to maintain a normal temperature. Naturally, our bodies work to maintain a blood pH level of a little more than 7. To do this, it will even stress tissues and internal organs to a proper pH balance. So, you can even be unhealthy because of pH level even when your pH level is in normal ranges.

As mentioned, being overly tired, gaining weight, poor digestion, and aches and pains may indicate that your pH balance is out of whack and your body may be trying to process too many acids. You may be eating too much acid, your body may be creating too much acid, or your body may not be eliminating acids as it should.

One of the easiest ways to detox these acids is to change your diet. Foods that contribute to acidity include dairy products, processed sugars, red meat, alcohol, coffee, and carbonated beverages. If you eat a lot of these, you may be overloading your body beyond its natural ability to neutralize the acids and return to a more normal alkaline state.

Acidifying toxins can also be formed by microforms (microscopic animal or vegetable organisms) and pathogens inside the body. All human bodies contain microscopic organisms that aid digestion, but too many of these microforms may create more acids than the body can handle, impeding digestion and eventually leading to serious conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, Chrohn’s disease, and perhaps even colon cancer. These pathogens can enter the blood stream and carry disease with them through the blood to cells, tissues, and entire biologic systems. An out-of-balance pH level may indicate that this is occurring.

These toxins can be removed through a process of detoxification, but an overloaded system can’t do it naturally. You’ll have to help to return to a healthy pH balance. A detox diet includes highly-alkaline foods like vegetables and low-sugar fruits, focused hydration through drinking lots of water (preferably alkaline water), and proper alkaline-rich supplements.

You can purchase alkalizing products that will help return your normal pH balance. Tasteless, odorless structured alkaline waters are designed for maximum absorption and contain minerals to help achieve a healthy pH balance. They help neutralize acids and remove toxins. When you’re using alkaline waters as a first step in a detox diet, you should drink from three to four liters (about 3-4 quarts) every day.

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