The Development of GRP and Fibreglass in Flat Roofs

Having worked in the roofing industry for the last 25 years we have found that, evolving over the course of the last decade, mainly from boat yards, glass reinforced plastic which is commonly known as fibreglass has began to make a real impact into the home improvement sector.

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Known for its superb water-resistant properties GRP is possibly one of the most important technological advancements in the building industry over the last few years. To the general public it is often associated with car-kits, boats, surf boards and pond lining, however its diversification into home improvement has undoubtedly been encouraged with its increasing use in the roofing trade.

Traditionally flat roofs are layered with felt and tar as a binding agent, and although this method is cheap and quick to install its often something which will require repairing within five years, sometimes less depending upon the environmental conditions, subsequently the actual cost of a felt lined roof increased with time flat roofs toronto.

Case study example:

Based upon our own experience in the industry most of our clients come to us with very common issues. Usually our customers have traditional flat roofs lined with felt glued down to the roof boards. Because of the deterioration of the felt, and also the amount of seams and joints, we usually discover that not only does the customer suffer from a leaky roof, but also the roof boards are starting to rot.

This is just another example of false economy. Whereas the traditional roofs maybe slightly cheaper, in the long run the cost of replacing roof boards far out weights the cost of a GRP roof

Is GRP a DIY job?

However, GRP is not a do it yourself job, due mainly to the materials used. Most manufacturers and suppliers of the material associated with GRP flat roofs insist that adequate training, reasonable knowledge and experience is a pre-requisite before you are even able to order the materials. As such its best left to the professionals who install GRP flat roof systems all the time.

Issues associated with flat roofs

Flat roofs are prone to excessive water exposure due to the fact that they are not sloped, where a sloping roof encourages water drainage at a reasonable speed and collects the water in traditional guttering flat roofs have to deal with the water build up differently.

Tending to opt for a gradual slope to one area where the water is collected through a sinkhole these flat roofs are often exposed to a large build up of water because of the speed at which water is drained.

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