How to Choose the Right AC/DC Tee Shirt

A tee is a matter of style! It is a fashion statement proclaiming one’s preference for what’s displayed, be it a favorite slogan, emblem or logo or name of the band or hero or icon adored. The tee shirt acts as your personal billboard to express your taste.

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AC/DC is a globally popular hard rock band formed in Australia in 1973, by the Young brothers Malcolm and Angus. Though the Young brothers were born in Glasgow, Scotland, they moved to Sydney with their family in 1970.

Malcolm and Angus developed their band name after their sister discovered the letters on a sewing machine. They felt the name aptly symbolized the band’s energy, though they were popularly known as “Acca Dacca” in Australia. Their logo was developed by Gerard Huerta in 1977. The international version of ‘Let There Be Rock’ first carried their logo. Their logo makes for popular choice on the tee fronts. Most fans will want to possess at least one tee with the AC/DC logo black lives matter t-shirt.

Though they are pioneers of heavy metal and classified as hard rock, they claim their music to be of the ‘rock and roll’ style. Their first album “High Voltage” which so aptly suits their name was released in 1975. Their next album released in 1980 was “Back in Black”, the highest selling album by any band. Their tees also carry their signature style of AC/DC currents. Their last live TV appearance was of their 3rd April 1977 performance.

They have been named the seventh greatest heavy metal band of all times by MTV. AC/DC performed the two numbers “Highway to Hell” and “You Shock Me All Night Long” at the induction performance into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” on March 10th, 2003. They have sold more than 200 million albums worldwide as of 2010. The first album to gain worldwide distribution was a compilation of tracks carefully chosen from the “High Voltage” and TNT LPs.

A Melbourne thoroughfare was renamed after the group in 2004. Tee shirts carrying such relevant prominent features of their albums help one to choose the right AC/DC tees. With these honors to their credit who wouldn’t want to wear their tee shirts to prove their support and love for the band that has carved a niche in their hearts. AC/DC had become one of the most successful and popular acts in Australia.

There are various kinds of tees to choose from. They are the rare AC/DC, the retro or the vintage; then there are the concert tees, the tour tees, the album or the logo tees too.

The best way to choose AC/DC tee shirts is to explore the net from the comfort and luxury of your home and settle for a choice at your convenience and leisure. Your loyalties for the AC/DC would prompt you to want every one of their tees though you may need to settle for their more popular ones initially. Gradually you could add to your collection of AC/DC tees.

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