What You Should See in Thailand

Thailand became one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia and only in 2005 over 14 million tourists visited this country and their range of interests varied. Thailand truly shows the vibrancy of the Asian spirit, everything from the pristine beaches, the decadent nightlife to the rich culture and frenzied shopping opportunities, Visitors will always find something fresh and different from other countries. Despite it was badly affected by the Asian financial crisis, Thailand became a boom Asian country able to bounce back more robust than ever. It could even recover from the deadly tsunami and foreign tourists can still see the indomitable spirit of the Thai that refuse to be beaten. That fact alone is worth the trip to Thailand.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a place of numerous beautiful temples featuring traditional Thai architecture. The royal Grand Palace and the old sections of Bangkok are the most popular tourist places in the capital. Bangkok is also an interesting blend of traditional buildings, modern Thailand property and skyscrapers.

Thailand temples have name wats and out of around 400 wats, several are especially worthy of note. When you visit a wat or mosque in Thailand, remove your shoes before entering and don’t enter in modest clothing including shorts. The holiest Buddhist spot in Thailand is counted the Wat Phra Kaeo as it is home to the Emerald Buddha. It is also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the pinnacle of architecture and art in Thailand. The temple was sanctified in 1782 as a part of the Grand Palace complex.

Another great wat is the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun) that is especially beautiful at night when the tower, decorated with porcelain and ceramics, is lit up by spotlights. Don’t miss the famous Wat Phrathat temple just 10 miles from the province of Chiang Mai and Thailand property constructions on the summit of Doi Suthep Mountain. This 泰國地產 temple is a part of Thai legend according to which, King Ku Na placed holy relics onto an elephant’s back when he was searching for right a site to erect a temple. And the elephant chose this mountain, climbed it and, upon reaching the summit, trumpeted three times showing that it was the perfect spot. Tourists have to climb 290 steps if they want to enter this wat.

Besides wats, see the Floating Market in Thonburi that geared more toward entertaining visitors than a place for Thais to go to the market. You will need boats for tourists and you can purchase items from the boats too. Numerous shops attract tourists, but in spite of the commercialization it’s still charming. If you manage to avoid all tourist traps, then the Khlong Damnoen Saduak market is the place to go. However you’ll need to get on an early morning bus in Nakhon Pathom to get there. Pratunam is a “real” market with many street vendors selling items from produce to everyday necessities and clothes for Thais. Another place is Narayana Phand, a government store that has a wide variety of crafts, but the quality of the items is somewhat lacking.

Of course Thailand has several good museums. A great place to go to see examples of Thai culture and art is the National Museum, located on Na Phra That Road. A house of the American entrepreneur Jim Thompson has become a museum that is open daily to the public with admission situated on a small canal that is elegant and charming. At the Pasteur Institute (Snake Farm) located on Rama IV Road, tourists can see snakes milked of their venom every day after paying admission.

Even in modern city life and the advent of the foreign culture, the never-changing character of Thai culture has remained prevalent. Carefree Thais inhabit this fun-loving place. And the Thais are also proud and strong nation, as they have struggled for centuries to preserve their undying zeal and ever lasting enthusiasm. If you are searching for lovely and memorable vacations you should choose Thailand and it’ll be right decision as it’s the best destinations in South East Asia.

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