Your Natural Vision Correction Alternative To Glasses

One of the most preferred methods of vision correction for a large percentage of the American population is the use of glasses to correct eyesight problems and vision conditions. If you are suffering from vision conditions such as nearsightedness and farsightedness then chances are you have been prescribed glasses to correct your eye conditions. While it is true that glasses provide you with a quick fix to your vision problems via an external aid they merely manage the symptoms of your eye conditions and really don’t address it directly.

If you are wearing your glasses then take them off. What do you see? Is your natural vision clearer and sharper or is it blurry? My point is if glasses actually cured your eyesight ailments then there would eventually become a time when you would be able to wean yourself off of them because your natural eyesight would have improved to such a significant degree Vision 20 that you would not need to wear them anymore. However, the opposite is the case because what happens when you wear your glasses is the fact that the glasses actually weaken the focusing muscles of the eyes thereby causing your eyes to function less efficiently. For this reason, when you take them off your natural vision remains blurry and imperfect but does not improve but becomes progressively worse with the passing of time thereby requiring a stronger prescription.

What happens with your glasses is the fact that this vision aid causes your eye muscles to lose their natural function because when you are wearing them this vision aid essentially becomes a crutch. Your eyes have muscles like any other part of the body and when your muscles are not used they lose their efficiency, flexibility and focusing power to increase your natural eyesight for better vision without glasses.

Eye exercises on the other hand are a natural method of vision improvement that gets to the root of your vision problems instead of managing the symptoms of your vision conditions. Once you put these techniques into regular practice you can achieve sharper vision without glasses due to the fact that these eye exercise techniques strengthen the eye muscles that are responsible for the focusing power of your eyes. This process leads to better vision without glasses.

Your glasses are a traditional method of vision improvement that helps you to see clearly instantly. Even in spite of this vision benefit you are merely masking the symptoms of your vision conditions when you are wearing them. Eye exercises on the other hand get to the root of your vision problems instead of masking it. Eye exercises strengthen the eye muscles of the eyes for better vision without glasses. By putting these effective vision improvement techniques into practice you can do the things that you need to do to achieve better natural vision without glasses.

My name is Joel King and I am a City College Broadcasting graduate. As a natural vision improvement success story, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others about natural vision improvement alternatives to glasses and contacts.

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