Health Effects of Phthalates in Plastic Container

DescriptionPlastic containers are transparent plastic containers made either entirely or partly out of plastic. Plastic containers are common either as reusable or single-use plastic containers, plastic bottles, plastic totes, plastic wraps, polyethylene terephthalate boxes and many more. The plastic container can be either clear or coloured but most of the time, it is clear plastic since the usage for plastic containers is mainly for single-use. Other plastic containers such as glass, ceramic, metal, wood and paper ones are also available but they are used mostly for decorative purposes.

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Uses and Benefits: There are many advantages to using plastics as packaging materials especially when it comes to food packaging. Food products should be kept fresh and in good condition at all times and packaging is one way of ensuring this. Plastic is a hygienic material thus it makes food packaging safe and simple. It is also very lightweight, cost efficient, and easily manageable both for transportation and storage. It’s non-toxic and therefore environment friendly.

Health Issues: There are different kinds of plastics which are considered harmful to our health especially the PVC plastics can nhua 30 lit gia re. These are known as chlorinated plastics which contain phthalates. Phthalates are known carcinogens, endocrine disrupters, and toxic chemicals. When food products are packaged with these types of plastics, there is a big possibility that we may develop cancer and other diseases from these chemicals. For this reason, health officials worldwide are constantly trying to find ways on how to eliminate or reduce the effects of phthalates in plastic packaging materials.

Another significant concern of health effects from these plastics is about the effect of phthalates with the hormones of humans. Phthalates are known hormones, which are known to disrupt the endocrine system of humans especially the endocrine system which is responsible in secreting hormones. These hormones may disrupt development and reproduction resulting to reproductive imbalance, which in turn may lead to growth abnormalities and imbalances. The imbalances will then lead to abnormalities of growth, appearance, and other activities.

Therefore, these chemicals can cause many kinds of health effects. Common effects include: infertility, reproductive disorders, congenital defects, and growth abnormalities. It is very alarming that these chemicals are included in the food packaging in the US. Because of this, many people have already been diagnosed with certain types of cancer due to these chemicals.

So, plastic food containers must be eliminated if we want to maintain our healthy life. It is not only our health that is being compromised by these chemicals but our environment as well. This is the reason why the use of recycled plastics in food containers is now a trend. Recycling them will not just benefit the environment but it will also help protect our health. Therefore, plastic containers that are made of recycled plastics are the best option for your daily consumption.

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