Thailand Real Estate

Everyone knows that Real Estate is big business, and many people are trying to get their own part of the action by looking to new places around the world to build on. In Europe this means places like Hungary and other Eastern European countries, outside of Europe people are looking to the Far East. In the Far East there is no bigger market than Thailand real estate. Thailand is a hugely popular destination for tourists and is easy to get to from all parts of the world; an increasing number of people are looking to live in Thailand as well as venture there on holiday.

Thailand real estate offers huge profit to those who can build apartments, condos, villas or houses, and prices are far below those of the United States, Western Europe or similar nations. The question therefore is why isn’t everyone investing in Thailand real estate?

There are unfortunately wide ranging and complex laws regarding the purchase of land and the building of property 泰國樓, which makes it far more restrictive than building in other parts of the world. One such rule means that foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand, although they are allowed to own buildings. There are two ways around this, whereby the land is leased for periods of thirty years, or the land is purchased by a Thai company. This last option is preferential but all Thai companies require at least seven members on the board, five of whom should be Thai. It does get complicated very quickly, and local knowledge is vital to meet all requiements.

Then of course there are issues about immigration laws regarding the purchase of Thailand real estate. Depending on what visas individual have may need individual to leave or re-entry the country four times a year, or else apply for extensions.

The easiest option could be to just purchase building and rent them out; there is profit to be made, as places like Phuket are becoming increasingly popular amongst the tourist trade, although even this has barriers.

For those people willing to do the research and put the money and effort in there is a lot of money to be made from Thailand Real Estate. It is advisable though to get a good agent and a reputable lawyer. Both of these professionals are indispensable when dealing with laws, taxes and fees all required to make a successful step into Thailand real estate.

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