Dating Etiquette Tips For the First Date

Alright, you have managed to get a date, so now everything is easy right? Wrong, far from it, there are few things that need sorting out before you meet your date for the first time. Before you meet your date, many thoughts are going through your mind. your physiology reflects your uneasiness, your hands are shaking, your hair refuses to comply. Elated you got a date yet nervous, happy yet not sure why it does not feel like you are. That’s what some refer to as the dating game, you only get better at it when you do it more often, there are few things one can do to get over these for good and I will share them with you in another article, but for now let’s get this over with.

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Look your greatest:

Those who tell you that looks aren’t everything are your friends and family and of course they are lying to you, the truth is be it you are a man or a woman, looks matters because it sets the grounds for a great first impressions Hope this goes well for the first time. So, to get in the dating game you have got to scrub up a bit if you are not doing so already. Why? You might ask, my date should accept me as I am!!! Well, not taking care of your appearance sends the wrong messages such as – you don’t really care about your date since you didn’t make an effort-, another example of a wrong message: -if you cannot take care of yourself how on earth are you going to take care of your date???- And many more… Looking after your appearance also increases your self confidence and while you are in that date you don’t have to think if your hair looks nice or shirt tucked in… Because your main focus should be on your date and nothing else.

This will bring us nicely to the next tip;


As the saying goes:”Confidence is Man’s or Woman’s best friend” Both men and women are attracted to confidence, confidence is sexy. It is important that you acquire some confidence. Please note that there is a huge difference between a confident person and a jerk or cocky person. What I mean by being confident is to be confident being you and all that includes.


I hope smiling is natural to you, if not practice in front of the mirror until you get right and becomes a genuine smile without looking like a lunatic. Why? Well, a genuine smile comes from confidence and we have talked about confidence before that is sexy, a smile can help you get the second date and smiling is attractive like confidence again and it helps people be at ease with you.


Dare I say be polite and use your manners? This I hope should be a second nature to you. Nothing will make your date run as if they have wheels in their heels than someone who is rude and/or obnoxious, so it’s to your advantage to be polite as much as possible.

Sparking a conversation:

If you can make your date laugh, engage in the conversation, interested and enjoy themselves, you are doing well and congratulate yourself for scoring extra points in the dating game and consequently you have almost secured a second date if that’s what you want. You can ask some questions of your date without getting too personal. Share those funny stories of yours but don’t talk about yourself too much, give room to your date to talk too. Avoid awkward silences by going with the flow of the conversation and if one ends use a hook from it to the next conversation.

Those are some of the tips that will help you play by the rules in the dating game and may even get you a few more dates after that, remember, practice practice practice.

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