Use a Natural Olive Oil Moisturizer and Don’t Risk Your Skin, Or Your Health

Olive oil moisturizers and other skin care products using natural essential oils and ingredients derived from plants are becoming gradually more popular with the discerning buyer of skin care products. Lets examine why.

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Mainstream skin care products contain a wide range of chemical and petrochemical ingredients, many of which can be risky for your health and your skin. An example is petrolatum which is found in many anti aging products including skin moisturizers. Petrolatum is a petrochemical product which has no moisturising properties, but simply coats the skin to prevent moisture loss jojoba oil.

Its use can be risky to your health and can even cause skin problems.

There’s a wide range of natural plant extracts and oils which work extremely well to improve the overall health of your skin and to moisturize effectively, thereby reducing the effects of age on your skin. Some examples are natural Shea butter, jojoba oil and olive oil, though there are many more.

Using an olive oil moisturizer can be very effective and safe way to fight wrinkles and help restore some lost skin health.

The oil sourced from the nut of the Olive tree is rich in a wide range of essential nutrients and anti oxidants and is very high in vitamin E. It is very healthy to eat and for centuries has been known for its ability to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. It helps to heal skin damage and combat skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, skin rashes and more.

And it has anti-inflammatory properties which are also extremely useful to improving skin health.

The skin care and anti aging industry is gradually being exposed for using cheap chemical ingredients in their products which may put the health of it’s customers at risk and which may even damage their skin. The sad fact is that there are excellent natural alternatives available, being both quite safe to the user and generally even more effective than the chemical alternative.

But in most cases these are not used because they are more expensive. As most of the budget on the big brand name products is spent on marketing the budget available for product quality is limited.

Olive oil is a fine example of a natural plant oil that can help to improve your health generally as well as to improve the health of your skin. High quality olive oil moisturizers are particularly effective.

Next time you have a bath I recommend you drop a few teaspoons of virgin olive oil in, let it luxuriate, and make sure you splash a little on your face.

It may be news to you that big brand name products use chemical ingredients. If it is news then I suggest you spend some time on Google researching this, or visit my website where you can find out much more.

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