Purchasing Car Audio And Car Video On eBay

Play Music With CD Players And Car Radio Receivers

When you are assembling or giving a face-lift to the audio system of your car, begin with the source of the music – the in-dash receiver.

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In-dash receivers for a car are available from specialists in car audio systems such as Kenwood, Alpine and Pioneer and these systems will greatly enhance the quality of sound. Some in-dash receivers come with a CD player along with it and a lot of them support these formats also – WMA, MP3, CD-RW and CD-R. Some of them even give support to satellite radio and the Apple iPod Autel MK908P.

Buy an in-dash receiver that comes with a built-in CD Changer or you can attach a CD changer to the car audio system that is already fitted to your car so that you will not need to play around with the controls or the CD cases while driving. Models such as the JVC CH-X and the Sony CDX-757MX series can take in as much as ten or twelve discs.

Enhance Your Sound System With A Car Audio

Increase to its maximum sound potential of your car audio with new speakers, a new subwoofer and a new car amplifier. First of all take measurements of the area in your car where you want to locate your speakers. When you assess item listings on eBay, see that each of the speakers, amplifier and subwoofer fit into your car.

Enhance The Speakers Of Your Car

Manufacturers of car speakers such as Pioneer, Alpine and JBL offer a wide variety of car speakers, all of them different in power, size and price. They can be mounted in a variety of locations in your car that includes either the front and/or the back of your car. They can also be mounted inside car doors.

Car Amplifiers

The overall volume of the audio system in your car is enhanced by the addition of car amplifiers so that they can drive the speakers of your audio system without any distortion. Whether you like Beck or Mozart, car amplifiers also improve the detail and clarity of the music. These amplifiers can be placed under a seat, in the back of your car or in the trunk.


Very low frequency sounds are reproduced by car subwoofers and provide the thumping bass sound that you hear. An amplifier will be needed for driving the subwoofer and a suitable location will be required to place the 8″ – 15″ speaker unit. You can mount your subwoofer under a seat, in a side cargo tray or panel or in the trunk enclosure.

Subwoofers manufactured by companies like Alpine, Sony and JL Audio are generally round in shape but you may find some in the shape of squares on eBay. The bigger the unit, the frequency that it can reproduce will be lower.

You can but a subwoofer as a single individual unit or with an enclosure or as a component of a multi-speaker system.

Installing The Car Speakers

When you are looking at item listings, ensure that the product that you intend to buy comes along with the original installation documents. In case you need any additional information, visit the website of the manufacturer. Free instructions on installation procedures are provided online free of cost by a lot of manufacturers.

Additionally, many speaker and in-dash receiver listings provide a link along with the description to check whether the item will fit your car or not.

The process of installing a car speaker or in-dash receiver is fairly straightforward. Give thought to an installation kit, like an amplifier installation kit, for detailed help of the process of subwoofer and amplifier installation.

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