Breakthrough Diet Supplement For 2010 – Banish That Bulge

With the start of the New Year, getting back in shape is at the center of everyone’s mind. After all, statistics show that the top resolutions are always focused on weight loss and exercise. Even gyms and other fitness facilities experience a spike in memberships during the month of January.

As the Miami Herald recently pointed out in one of their articles, the number of individuals that continue to maintain their resolutions after 6 months into the year drops down to 46%. So why is it so hard to follow through with New Year’s resolutions after the Biotox gold first half of the year has been underway?

My belief is the time factor-people just don’t have enough of it. Although they’d like to go to the gym, they simply can’t. Not with work and going back to school, or having kids and a household to run. The good news is there are alternative ways that you can be healthy, lose weight and stay true to your new years resolutions.

As a matter of fact, there is a buzz building around Los Angeles-one of the fitness capitals of the world. With all the shows and movies being filmed here, staying in shape is always on people’s minds. So just what are the stars and celebrity trainers whispering about? A new dietary supplement called Leptisol, which is said to inhibit the conversion of excess dietary carbohydrates into fat, slow the absorption of carbohydrates after meals, suppress appetite to aid weight loss and reduce belly fat. Leptisol is a natural derivative of the Assam fruit and has been used in India and Indonesia in various recipes to reduce appetite.

Of course another way to watch your weight is portion control. Rather than eating that full plate of food, the next time you go out to eat or even cook for yourself at home, try and eat half.

The key to any regimen is exercise. If you can’t make it to the gym, then try alternative ways of exercising such as walking or biking to work. You can even walk to the grocery store or your lunch meeting.

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