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RealMe 5 smartphone is a high-end smart phone by Samsung that comes with a powerful chipset, a beautiful display, great user interface and a plethora of customizable options. This smartphone was one of the best smartphones of the year 2021 and was considered as one of the best Android Smartphones. However, after using this smartphone for a couple of months, I have decided to sell it. Below I have compiled a complete list of top performing custom rom for RealMe 5 Pro devices.

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X RAZR iLocalis 4.2 – This is one of the best custom roms for real 5 or phone. Here are the features that this room provides: optimized widgets, compatibility with all the popular applications, themed keyboard, themed navigation bar, enhanced navigation buttons, quick launch toolbar, and lot more. It also received several kernel updates a few months back. Once you’ve unlocked the bootloadrom and installed a custom rom on your resume 5 or smartphone, it’s ready to flash a new custom rom in place of your existing system. To do this, simply download the X RAZR iLocalis 4.2 rom from Samsung’s official website, install it, reboot your phone and enjoy. The improvement you will feel by installing this rom will amaze you realme 5 pro.

LineageOS 4.2 – The real 5 pro phone from Samsung comes with a unique user interface that gives an enhanced operating experience. This is the best software to customize your android experience and give you a unique mobile experience. You can browse all the information about LineageOS at Google’s site and learn more about the operating system. This customized operating system has many advanced features such as: music player, dialer, contact manager, browser, media player, and lot more. Thanks to these features, you can customize the look and feel of your resume 5 or phone to have a unique user experience.

ZenFone HD+ – If you are looking for a unique and advanced way to enhance the quality of your android experience, the ZenFone HD+ is the ideal choice for you. This is a stunning dual touch screen mobile device that gives you a super smooth and amazing pixel experience. You can browse and search all the information about ZenFone HD+ at Google’s site. This is also the best solution to reduce the data use while multitasking.

Easy installation – With an easy install and uninstall option, this room will make your realme 5 pro user experience extremely trouble free. You don’t need any technical knowledge to install this rom. Just install it and enjoy. It’s compatible with almost all the major and minor android devices running on the Android ecosystem such as HTC Evo and Motorola Defy. Its great features include multi-tasking capability, high resolution screen, high quality audio output, and fast performance.

The real 5 pro has a large RAM storage that allows you to download and install various apps very quickly. It also comes with a large battery life. The combination of these two features makes the realme 5 pro one of the most popular mobiles in the market today. Other phones with similar specifications like the HTC Evo and Motorola Defy can only give you around 40% of the memory storage of this handset. The good thing with the octa-core processor and large RAM storage in this phone is that you can download and install all the games, apps, and music files on it quickly and easily.

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