Lynx Golf Clubs – Review, Highlights and Features

Lynx golf clubs are, arguably, some of the most popular golfing equipment available today. For those who love golf, the right equipment is as important as the right swing. After all, Tiger Woods probably didn’t get to where he is today by using a twig, right?

Golf clubs are of different kinds. There are the so-called woods or long-distance clubs for driving the ball through a great distance; irons, which are designed for more difficult shots and have a flat-angled face and a short shaft; wedges, which are variations of irons and are often used for approach shots and other high-accuracy shots; hybrid woods, or clubs that provide the swing of an iron and the long distance capacity of a wood; and putters, which are designed to roll the ball on the grass.

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Each of this type of golf club has its uses and its own features. There are also models of each type for both men and women that are designed differently to accommodate the variation between male and female golfers’ swings. For example, Lynx has a woods club particularly designed for female players called Tigress Woods ไฮไลท์บอล.

This club has a specifically placed low center of gravity to get the ball in the air and get it through a long distance. The body, crown and face are made of steel and it features a graphite shaft. The Tigress Woods (despite its male player-associated name) is said to be favored by female players for its feel and its elegant looks. The Tigress has a suggested price of $119.

Another model from Lynx is the Parallax HXI Hybrid Iron with Graphite. According to its manufacturer, the Parallax has been designed to deliver high boring shot trajectory with its low and rear weighting feature. The center of gravity is lower and further back to provide optimal ball flight. The hybrid models in the set have graphite shafts, while the irons are available in both steel and graphite.

The good thing about this set is that a golfer can choose (at least for the irons) between a steel shaft, which is heavier but can provide more control for the swing, or a graphite shaft, which is lighter and can easily absorb vibration. The Parallax set can cost between $450 and over $500 depending on where it is bought.

Lynx golf clubs are available in other models and designs. They can cost a buyer a bit of money, but the brand is one of the better known names in golfing equipment and has been touted as reliable by most users. If you want a Lynx club but do not want to spend too much money, then you can probably look for used or pre-owned clubs which are available for much lower prices.

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