How to Quit Smoking Marijuana Without Cravings Or Withdrawal

Next to tobacco and alcohol, marijuana is the most commonly consumed drug of abuse in the world. Regular use of marijuana will lead to serious mental and physical problems. To save your life, you must quit smoking pot; however, it develops some undesirable side effects when you are trying to quit smoking marijuana. The following steps will help you quit using cannabis.

You Must Be Firm at Your Decision of Quitting Marijuana

Quitting marijuana requires proper planning and support from your family and friends. You may create new habits such as chewing herbal substitutes in place of smoking cronic; this will reinforce you decision of quitting marijuana. Lapses are very common in the process of quitting any addition drugs; however, you should be very confident and you must rejuvenate your commitment to keep yourself clean. Always, keep the reasons for quit smoking pot in your mind, which will prevent you from using marijuana again cbd oil for dogs with anxiety.

Seek the Help of Rehabilitation Centers

There are many rehabilitation centers present all around the world that educate you about the risks of smoking cannabis and about how to quit smoking marijuana. Besides medication, counseling provides you great results.

Think about Your Relationships

You find many so-called friends in the marijuana-using gang; however, they are not true friends! If you continue using marijuana, you will be losing your true friends and you may lose your relationship with your family! Therefore, you must think about your family and your true friends. This will definitely boost your confidence in quitting marijuana.

Practice Useful New Activities

Practicing some useful activities such as breathing-control exercises, mild weight-bearing exercises, cycling, walking, and reading books (success stories of quitting marijuana would be better option) will help you restore your physical and mental health. In addition, they will provide you great relaxation.

Increase Your Social Affair

The other important activity that helps you quit smoking weed is making yourself involved in social activities such as birthday parties, ritual activities, and wedding; however, avoid the parties that involve alcohol and tobacco. Meet your old friends and spend some time with them. Always keep you engaged in daily activities, which will make you not think about using marijuana again; you can engage you in writing, learning to play instruments, and volunteering in social service.


Quit smoking marijuana will help come out of the hell where you were in. The love and support offered by your friends and the members of your family are just for you; never spoil it. Do not ever think about smoking pot again. Life is yours and it is to live; never spoil it.

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