Resist The Zit Popping Urge – If You Can

Zit popping may not be such a good idea after all, as without really realizing what you are doing; it could actually lead to a worsening of the acne condition. Some people even recommend speaking with a dermatologist to get the complete facts regarding whether or not it is advisable to pop that zit or not. Dermatologists are the best persons to advise you about zit popping and don’t be surprised if you are advised against it.

Handle With Gentle Care

Zit popping can often require handling the zit with gentle care, which if mishandled or done too aggressively, can actually cause a major zit disaster. It is better to leave the zit alone and let a qualified person such as a dermatologist handle the situation. However, people are often given to squeezing though they must necessarily handle this with care  Derma Prime Plus otherwise there may be left many scars that can only cause a worsening in the appearance of your skin.

The best method of handling zits would be to first closely inspect what it really looks like. Those zits that are new as well as may be pressure pimples are best left alone. If you must indulge in zit popping, make sure that it is dry which is often how a white head looks like. Pop these zits if you must as they are the types that lend themselves easily to popping.

When you actually pop that zit make sure also that you know how to squeeze the zit, since there is a particular method that must be used. It is not advisable to push the zit inwards; instead, use a gentle squeezing method – otherwise more pimples may pop around the site of your last zit popping action. In case the squeezing causes you pain, you can stop as the pimple is not yet in a condition to be popped.

Another important facet to zit popping is that you should sterilize yourself. It is a good idea to use a good facial cleanser such as derma cleanse to wash your face before you begin your zit popping. Women need to wipe away their makeup and their hands should also be clean. Other precautions required include using cleansing agents to wipe off the infected area, so that there is minimal chance of infection.

It is also not advisable to pop the zits when they are not ready for popping, and some people that have uncontrollable urges to pop their zits may even require being hypnotized in order to control their impulsive behavior. It may be better to let the zit heal itself rather than rushing into popping it.

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