Smart Phone Operating Systems – Whooya! Looking at Windows Phone 7 Series OS

Microsoft is obviously known for the operating system running on 95% of the computers out there, in fact, the chances are you are running Microsoft Windows or Vista right now. Not often is Microsoft thought of as a smart phone operating system giant, but they are definitely going after this market share big time. Their newest Windows Phone 7 Series operating system specially designed for smart cell phones seems to be a cut above.

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This new OS is much different than the old boring “business like” look of the operating system on your computer notes a recent article in the New York Times. In the recent New York Times article; “After Fumble, Microsoft Redoes Phone Software,” by Ashlee Vance – published on February 28, 2010, she seemed to indicate Microsoft’s redemption in the smart cell phone operating systems market redmi note 8.

The article stated; “Microsoft’s new smartphone software, Windows Phone 7 Series, turns a phone into something akin to an electronic butler that tries to anticipate the user’s needs.” Microsoft had 20% of the smart phone market share and you know that little iPhone hit by Apple really cut into that, so too did the Google Phone. But this new OS from Microsoft may prove to lure smart personal techies back.

The early adopters of the new iPhone seem to be quite happy, but Microsoft seems to be quite ready to take on this new challenger. Depending on the strength of the value to you the smart phone consumer, this could change the dynamics for companies like Motorola, which has shown some rather dismal quarterly losses and taken a hit in the market place. Nokia has too, but they world-wide sales are doing good even with the market share hit, as the pie of new cell phone users globally has nothing but blue sky in front of it with a definite upward bias.

Now the question for new smart phone buyers is, do you want “tiles” as in Windows Phone 7 Series OS, or “Icons” on your touch screen as in the iPhone. And, let’s face facts Apple users and many of their early personal tech adopters, are loyalists, Apple is a cult, it’s a religion, Microsoft’s OS system is not the reason you buy a smart phone, it’s just the system that runs it. If you buy a smart cell phone for the features on the phone and it comes with Microsoft’s operating system, you are happy. It’s a different dynamic with the Apple iPhone.c

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