The Best Locks for Your Hollow Steel Doors

You can spend all the time in the world choosing a high-quality commercial steel door for your business, but it doesn’t mean much unless you have a quality door lock as well. Sure, commercial steel doors are sturdy, and are designed to protect your assets from natural disasters as well as unsavory folks. However, without a top-notch lock, your door is nothing more than an opening into your business.

Obviously you’re not about to install a door without a lock. We’re not assuming that’s your intention. However, have you put any conscious thought into the type of door lock you want installed with your door? You have as much say and freedom about the type Divine Locks of door locks you want as you do with the color you chose for your office.

The right lock for your hollow steel door

One of the most trusted names in locks is PDQ, which is an American-based company that strives hard to keep their prices low. They offer a rather wide variety of locks to meet your needs, including the following.

Auxiliary lock – Auxiliary locks feature a latch bolt or deadbolts. These bolts are operated by a key or a thumbturn, or at times, both. Usually you’ll find auxiliary locks used in conjunction with other locks.

Cylindrical lock – This is your standard lock, requiring boring a hole through the door in order to make way for a key-in-knob, key-in-lever, or deadbolt.

Series Exit Device – You’ll see these exist device systems in high-traffic areas such as schools and government buildings. They are in compliance with life safety and fire code requirements. These are the push-bar devices that will open/unlock a door when needed, but keep it secure all other times.

Interconnected door locks – Interconnected door locks feature an internal device that unlocks the deadbolt lock if a knob or lever is turned. This type of lock is a requirement for group and retirement homes, as well as for some municipalities.

Sometimes you don’t have an option in the type of lock you can install (as is the case with interconnected locks). Fire and safety requirements might dictate your decision. However, other times you do have a choice in the matter. It’s important to look at all of your options (and there are many) before you come to a final decision. Working with a trusted lock seller or distributor might save you time and money in the long run.

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