Publicity For Your Self Help Business – Bring Your Spirituality To Your Business

Your passion is what sells your products and services, because in essence, you are selling yourself. For self help based entrepreneurs, the knowledge and expertise from years of practice is the products. Sure, you may have DVD’s, CD’s and books, but inside each of those is you. When promoting your business on radio or TV interviews, your passion is what will win people over. Personal stories turned creatively into 30 soundbites will zero in on your excitement and connect well with the viewers. This is how your fans will relate to you.

There is a lesson in every story. Sharing that lesson with the twist of your spiritual leanings will easily convert a complicated scenario into simple concepts. Many chris hsu kilometre capital self help authors and trainers tend to over complicate their business with phrases that may sound confusing to people that are being introduced to them for the first time. Yet, the principles behind the thought is where the power is. The challenge is to find the happy medium.

The balance between selling out your spirituality and over stating your concepts needs to be established. Stories and soundbites with simple parables will create an easy to understand message that is media friendly. Media producers want your message to be easily understood by the various viewers they get. They are far different than the audiences that your speak to regularly who may have some degree of familiarity to your concepts. But never tone it down so low that your passion disappears. Sell yourself without selling out.

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