3 Year Single Degree Vs 5 Year Double Degree

Having a 5 year double degree might help some people while for others a single 3 bachelor degree may be the better option. There are several points that must be considered when you look for 3 year single degree or 5 year double degree program.

Being as a student you should combine a second degree only when it adds value to your career aspirations. Just for an example- if you choose commerce and are thinking of combining this with Arts, you should ask yourself what you intend to get out of an Arts degree. For example, a good reason to combine is if you are learning languages and intend to work overseas in the future http://lambangdaihocuytin.com.vn/.

One thing that you need to consider and realize is that combining a degree adds 2 whole years to your degree. Generally, a double degree tends to be 5 years. However, there are exceptions where they are termed for 4 years and some even longer. The extra HECS fees you incur over the extra 2 years should not be taken lightly. Think of university costing, you pay an extra 60% additionally. So, you need to think the opportunity cost of 2 years worth of working. If you had graduated 2 years earlier, you could have started your career 2 years younger, so you need to consider whether the final decision of combing is worthwhile or not.

Looking at the other aspects of having 2 degrees is that it may sometimes affect your hire ability as a future jobseeker. This can be explained as – University graduates with uncombined degrees (e.g. straight BCom) end up getting the same jobs as those who have combined (e.g. BCom / Science).

Many leading educational institutes and career counselors have recommended combining a second degree only if it is necessary. Thus, the best thing that you can do is to have opinion from those people who have gone through university and done the degree(s) you are thinking of doing. Ask them about whether there is any actual tangible benefit from combining degrees, in terms of career prospect, starting designation, starting salary etc. Once you have a satisfactory answer then make your decision. Combining a second degree could be more beneficial only if you decide to work towards a degree that is a more demanding.

Moreover, if you are still enthusiastic over your university degree, even after 3-5 years, you can even do an extra year where you usually conduct research into a specific area of your field. At the end of the year, all you require is to submit a long thesis with your findings and finally you are awarded with Honours degree. Honours degree can be generally considered as modified degree of the normal degree. As an example- if you did law and honours, it would be LLB(Hons).

Today there are many scholars who have been able to attain unique achievement in education by setting to combine a second degree as their principal objective. Though it may not be necessary but combining and finally achieving a second degree is certainly not easy and requires both dedication and devotion.

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