What’s a Contact Lens Cleaning Machine?

A contact lens cleaning machine was designed to assist optical lens wearers through the task of healthy lens maintenance.

Proper cleaning is requirement for any card-carrying contact wearer. Contact lens cleaning removes optical buildup that may accumulate as a result of a lens taking residence in the eye. Cosmetics can also cause a filmy buildup on contacts. On contact dirt and debris can make wearing corrective, therapeutic, or cosmetic contacts an uncomfortable challenge.

The contact lens cleaning machine prides itself on being the latest innovation in easy and safe lens cleaning. Contact lens cleaning machines sport a hands-free compact design and are operated with the use of two AA batteries.

Contact lens cleaners take the fuss out of conventional contact cleaning, according to some of the leading manufacturers. The process of traditional contact lens cleaning by hand typically involves five basic steps:

Wash hands with moisturizing soap, taking care not to deposit any dirt on the contact. Optical professionals recommend using lint-free towels for drying the hands.

Clean your lenses one at a time with a professionally recommended solution for cleansing. Rinse the lens to remove any loosened debris and then place the 隱形眼鏡 平 lens in a clean case.

The contact lens cleaning machine is a gentle action device that can be used on all types of contact lenses. The cleaning system has been championed for expanding the lifespan of lenses. The contact lens cleaning machine, also dubbed a “mini washer machine,” “swishes” an all-purpose lens cleaner on the contact lens. The goal of contact cleaning machines is relieving lenses of dirt, protein, and other deposits.

Contact wearers can remove lenses following a wear and place them into designated baskets provide with the contact lens cleaning machine. The chamber of the system will need to be filled with an all-purpose cleaner. Attach the lens laden basket and chamber of cleaner to the cleaning machine and hit ON-it’s that simple. Contact lens cleaners complete a full cleaning cycle in two minutes. Leave the lenses inside of the machine for the period of time recommended on the bottle of contact lens solution being used.

There are a number of benefits associated with the process of hands free cleaning fostered by the use of a contact lens cleaning machine. There is a significantly lower risk of tearing or damaging the contact lens. And clinical trials have deemed mechanically cleaning more effective than lens cleansing by hand.

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