Wedding Entertainment, Wedding Insurance, And You!

If you plan to secure your wedding entertainment any time soon, finding out that they are covered by your wedding insurance policy is vital. One of the most important vendors for your wedding day is your wedding band, disc jockey, or music providers. Of all of the different parts of your one and only wedding day, it is your MC, DJ, band, etc. that will either make or break the overall success of your reception. Take a minute to contemplate the following: Will your relatives & guests bail out early because the flowers don’t go with the rest of the décor? Will your guests get bored because they dislike how your wedding dress fits you? Will your guests start looking at their watches to see if it’s too early to leave because of the room’s illumination, the cake, the hors d’oeuvres, the linens, the style of bridesmaid dresses, or even the photographer? Of course not! But if the disc jockey is really, really bad or the band is not entertaining, you can bet people will be stepping on it to tell you congrats so they can quit being bored and go 유흥알바.

Having wedding insurance probably won’t cover you if your DJ is horrendous, so that is why it’s important to book a true professional right up front. What else is very critical is that your wedding DJ or band has wedding liability insurance. This will protect you in case one of their speakers smashes up the place or if the music is so terrible it disintegrates someone’s eardrum and they need eardrum surgery. I’m joking here, but it would be a tragedy if someone got hurt due to the entertainment and you got a case brought against you.

One thing you can make sure of is that your wedding insurance policy will cover you if your band or DJ/MC pulls a no-show, wreck their car on the way to the reception, or if an important member flakes. Without your disc jockey, you might be able to use the speakers at the hall to play some nice and quiet background music during dinner. After everyone eats, though, there wouldn’t be any dancing or fun so your wedding celebration would simply become a wedding dinner. Everyone would make for the door as soon as the cake was served. Having wedding insurance coverage should allow you to recover not only the money for the disc jockey and/or band, but even more for your guests leaving extremely early!

Another consideration is to have a back up plan for your band or disc jockey. You probably can’t afford to have two separate DJ companies on hold for your special day, but knowing where to look in case of an emergency is a good idea. While searching for your entertainment, keep the contact information for all of the companies you contact. If it turns out your number one choice isn’t going to work out, you can call your other leads to see if they still have your wedding date uncommitted. You can also check out your local associations, like the ADJA (American Disc Jockey Association) and keep their website within reach. Some carry an emergency phone number just in case a band member runs into issues and can’t make it to your reception. No matter what, your wedding insurance should kick in to cover your losses if you have issues with your entertainment.

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