The Night With Lesson

In our Tarai Belt, Mansoon troubles a lot. And Most of the bypasses being locally made with no solid base and height, it turns to be virtual river at times. However, Nischal would appreciate a couple of things about it. There would be automatic holidays in his school, and he would get enough time to enjoy the rain.

The rain drops would transform into pearls, bouncing off the surface of his courtyard. Greenery would come to life. The sky would turn crustal clear. Nightingales would sing more merrily after the rain. And all these would contribute together in creating a master piece in the fragile canvas of a child`s fun-filled imagination. After all, it would give him the reason and a ticket to his wildest imagination. Oh, I forgot to tell one thing-there would be some offerings too, from up above the sky in the form of white pearly balls – the pretty-round hail stones. They would desperately wait for the offerings, and Later on once the offering was done, there would be a rush between him and his sister to bring home those pearls and put them in to the cauldron, the biggest pot in their home. The cauldron, when empty, would also make a perfect hiding place for his little sister.

Once he told his sister to imagine herself as a princess trapped as a hostess by a giant in to his enormous castle made of hailstone at the top of a far off mountain. And she had to play this role, hiding in the cauldron half filled with hail stone. Of course, she did it. Rather, she did so well that she stayed on the ice for hours and fell sick, inviting a horrible punishment for Nischal 펄안마.

Now, all what he had to do was that face the music-a terrible one. But he cleverly escaped that as his grandfather visited his home the very day and took Nischal with him for a day.

Back then, the days would fly very easily but the nights would not. The nights would try to upset the child and pull him back to the reality from his imagination as the roof of his house would leak horribly during the night, and sleeping in the house would be impossible.

Among many sleepless nights during the rainy seasons, one of the nights turned to be the most magnificent night despite the leaking roof. That was the very night the boy got the greatest gift and lesson of life; that was the night that shaped him as a human.

Things happened this way: The dusk was heavy that day, and the wind would supply them with the preview of potential rain – a cat and dog one. The wind was likely to keep its promise, but Nischal wanted it not to as they had a guest, his cousin brother in the house. That night before they went to bed, his mother laid a nice table and he was scared a couple of times during the dinner as the thunder Strom outside would try to validate the rain. Soon, it was the time to go to bed, and as they did not have many rooms, Nischal had to share the bed with his cousin brother. They chatted a couple of hours. The Cousin asked Nischal how his study was going on and about his planning after SLC. And after a while the cousin said, ” Let`s talk early in the morning. “But no sooner had they fell asleep then, the rain started and pretty soon it turned cat and dog and eventually the drama they feared began as The roof above them started to leak.

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