Online Dating – Great Profile Photos For Girls – Some Surprising Secrets

When a girl is dating online, does a photograph make a difference? Since guys do almost all the work in initiating contact online, there is no doubt as to the value to a girl of using a photo on her profile, but there is considerable difference of opinion as to what makes a great dating profile picture. What makes one girl’s profile stand out from another?

Firstly, there is the concern regarding anonymity, and reasonably enough, many girls feel that they have more to worry about than guys when it comes to putting their photo up on a dating website. The simple way to minimise this concern is to opt to keep some photographs private, and only reveal them when you are satisfied with the good faith of a correspondent. Alternatively, you could put up photos that won’t show as a main profile picture, so they won’t appear to a casual browser, but they probably will appear to someone who actually does go to your profile page.

As regards what photographs to put up, there is a conventional wisdom for internet dating profile pictures, which includes:

Close up face shots are good, preferably smiling and looking at the camera

Indoor shots are good

Girls shouldn’t show off cleavage

(The corresponding advice for guys is not to show off their muscles)

Avoid shots with “props”

The origin of this advice is a bit hazy, with these “guidelines” the result of convention, prejudices and what some people (albeit influential ones) believe reflect the tastes of the general public. Now, guessing the tastes of the general public is a tough jobพริตตี้สาวสวย to be successful at, and despite the prevalence of computers, there is no certainty that the tastes of the general public are the same as the tastes of members on a dating website.

So when a large dating website in the USA investigated the whole phenomena of profile pictures, and subsequently published results that turned these perceptions inside out, it was quite surprising. The study was methodical and conscientiously applied, and there is plenty of good news in it for plenty of online daters.

One fundamental lesson is that smiling is vital. Girls tend to smile in online dating photos one and a half times as often as guys do and it is very much to their advantage — girls that smile get more emails than unsmiling girls. Girls that put on the “flirty face” — which has a variety of expressions for different girls — get the most emails of the lot. The vital thing to realise though, is that girls do best when they look at the camera — looking away, especially if they are making the “flirty face” is a serious impediment to getting plenty of emails from guys on the site. Subconsciously, the guy looking at the photo likes the attention of the girl in it looking at him, and he isn’t too amused if he thinks she has found something – or someone — more interesting out of the shot to the side!

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