Best Shopping Areas in Dubai

Remember when you were a child and went into the candy store? There was so much…it was everywhere. Where do you start? What do you get? How do you decide? Can you get everything? Dubai is a giant candy store, every corner filled with something to satisfy your appetite for shopping. From textiles and carpets to exotic spices to fashion; you can find it all. Visiting the souqs, shops, and malls in Dubai is a reward in itself, and maybe you’ll find just the perfect treasure to commemorate your trip.

After you hit some shops, why not hit the slopes? The Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest in the world, is jaw-dropping in scope, in beauty, and in sheer variety. With 2.4 million square feet of shops, there is something for every one of the 31 million+ yearly visitors to explore. The mall features many of the familiar American and European brands, as well as several luxury stores, galleries, theaters, mosques, and, yes, the famous ski slope. Ski Dubai is an indoor skiing “resort,” open to those who want to get a taste of the snow inside while temperatures outside soar 레플리카.

The Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, and other modern shopping centers offer more than just a wide selection of shops: in the summer months, the mercury rises past 100˚F, making it impossible to walk outside for very long. Visitors and residents alike find refuge in the air-conditioned malls. You can still get a taste of Dubai, do some great people-watching, sample authentic cuisine, and experience another culture – you just do it much more comfortably!

If you are new to Dubai, the traditional souqs may be intimidating. You do not have the familiarity of a mall setting, and it takes some getting used to. To get your feet wet, visit Souq Madinat Jumeirah, a modern, air-conditioned shopping center. You will find everything from exquisite carpets and leatherwork to jewelry and accessories; afterwards relax in the refreshing courtyards and sip a cold drink or visit one of the dozens of restaurants.

If you are feeling adventurous and can brave the heat for a bit, try a traditional souq. They are nowhere near as polished as the malls; they are places where residents come to haggle for everyday goods, where vendors hawk their wares, and where tourists try to keep up. This is the least expensive shopping option in Dubai, and you can scoop up some bargains. Here, it is acceptable to haggle (if you choose), and this can be a fun part of the Dubai experience.

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