Savvy Shoppers Get the Best Rental Car Deals

A rental car company is there to provide you with quality cars, great service, and (hopefully) great prices. That said, rental car companies are better than others sometimes, and other times the other rental car company is better overall. There are a few varying factors that are going to affect which one is going to give you the best overall value for your money. Let’s discuss if briefly.

Many a rental car company these days have all sorts of obtainable discounts. Are you a member of a mobile service provider? How about AMEX? How about your workplace-does it offer discount codes, and if so, what are the chains they are good for? Another great idea is the fact that if a rental car company is not on airport grounds, or near it, there is a pretty good possibility that the taxes will be more than significantly lower. The rental kiosks at airports are some of the highest taxes venues in the U.S., with some going as high as 40% on the dollar. Check with various rental car companies of your choice to make sure

Some more tips and things to look out for in a car rental company or companies: A good number of them offer you the choice to apply your own insurance to their vehicles, given that your insurance carrier provides for it. Also, many credit cards come with the benefit of using their own insurance instead of the dealer’s coverage. These two things can potentially save you BIG-should you be able to use one or the other. Also, and while there are always exceptions, the bigger chain rental car companies tend to be more trustworthy about providing great service than say your smaller venues. In addition to all that, reserving your car online has numerous benefits such as being as to track down and use coupon codes, get a jump on that more preferential car you might be eyeing, and being able to see what packages (rental + hotel + event tickets or some other combination thereof) might interest and save you even more money.

Let’s take a brief moment to explain one possibly money-saving, time-saving, and mind-saving detail. If your dealer’s agent does not conduct a walk-around of the car prior to you leaving the lot with it (this is especially frequent at busy airports) and document any nicks, scratches, dings, etc, please do it yourself. The reason why might be obvious, but countless people have gotten claims in the mail from their rental car company stating that they, the customer, is responsible for the damages done to the car-even though it might have even been turned in weeks prior! Armed with that valuable piece of advice, you protect yourself and your wallet!

Like almost any other product or service, the wise consumer knows to shop around and find the best deal. Deals like unlimited free mileage, using your own fuel station to fill up (as many a rental car company will gladly fill your tank up before you leave and they also be happy to pump-away at ridiculously inflated prices), and heavily discounted days if booked for a specified time window, special off-seasons, and/or booked well-enough in advance. Be a savvy shopper when looking for the best rental car company. Use your natural instincts to KNOW how to spot a good deal when you see it.

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