Spiritual Life Coaching: The Six Stages of a Pain-Body Attack

Like the spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, I view the pain-body as being a separate, invisible, parasitical entity. When looking at it as a psychic parasite, it is easier to practice non-judgment and compassion for the individual who is hosting the parasite. We can make a distinction between the soul and the emotionally violent entity that has taken over that soul. It’s difficult to do when that host is hurting you and everyone around them, but it is imperative if you want to remain conscious. Otherwise you may fall prey to the pain-body as well. Pain-body work from a spiritual life coach can be very therapeutic for those who have become hosts for this psychic parasite.

In a full-blown attack, there are normally five stages in which it escalates. There is a potential sixth stage which is physical violence, but that is only in a small proportion of the cases. A pain-body work expert such as a spiritual life coach can help a pain-body host to identify the parasite so that it can be dissolved.

The first stage of a pain-body attack is when the host initiates an argument. Much of the time the argument will be over something completely meaningless. The host is so obsessed about expressing his or her own viewpoint that the topic’s importance is irrelevant.

The second stage is when the face becomes twisted and repulsively contorted during the argument stage. The eyes will change dramatically, become sick-like, frightened yet fierce, and always expressing a look of hatred, disgust, and contempt. While arguing with these hosts during their possessions, there will be no light in the eyes and no hint of humanity displayed. The person that you thought you knew will be gone and they will no longer be listening to you.

The third stage is when the pain-body host begins pushing your buttons. It will instinctively know every-single-one of your weaknesses, I.e. what annoys or hurts your ego the most, and will proceed to push your wounded “pressure points” until it gets a reaction out Life Coach in Santa Rosa Ca of you. It needs a reaction from you because this is energy for it to feed on.

The fourth stage is when the host raises his voice in an attempt to drown out yours. In this way, the pain-body host tries to violently force his opinion down your throat simply by turning up the volume of his own speech. His aim is to convince you that he is right, at all costs.

The fifth stage is when the host adds foul language to the mix because curse words are more cutting and therefore more effective at provoking a reaction from you. If this proves to be ineffective, the host may resort to picking up a physical object (such as a cell phone) and throwing it at you. And you can’t win against the pain-body. It’s futile to try and any attempt will only make it stronger.

In the worst case scenario, the pain-body alienates and desensitizes the human being into an inanimate object. It is at this level of consciousness where physical violence is rationalized. This is the sixth stage of a pain-body attack. Although this stage represents a relatively small percentage of total attacks, it still generates a significant problem for our species. We can observe the sixth stage in the child molestations, bullying, domestic violence, physical brutality, road rage, rapes, murders, terrorism, and wars that plague our society. This stage represents the extreme shadow opposite of our true Self–the darkest side of human experience.

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