Commercial Refrigeration for Supermarkets

Supermarkets rely heavily on cold storage especially when it comes to meats, chilled foods, frozen foods, drinks and ice creams. It is essential that supermarkets procure the correct types of commercial refrigeration for the different food items.

Here are the different types of commercial refrigeration recommended for supermarkets.

  • Beverage Cooler. A beverage cooler is a refrigerator that keeps sodas and juices chilled and ready to drink. A supermarket would require a number of these, depending on the size of the establishment. A large unit such as the Beverage Cooler 943L – 2 Door would be ideal.
  • Ice Cream Freezer. Supermarkets usually keep stock of ice cream lollies. These need to be chilled and kept frozen all the time. The Ice Cream Freezer 240L is about waist high and has sliding glass doors at the top of the unit. A customer can simply 雪櫃價錢 view the ice cream contents through the glass top and slide it open to reach for an ice cream lolly of their desire.
  • Island Freezer. This freezer is great for a variety of frozen foods. Be sure to keep the various types of frozen foods in separate freezers. For example, use one freezer for chicken and another for frozen vegetables. The Island Freezer 758L Curved Glass Slider is a wide unit so it can stock a lot of frozen foods. The customer can walk past and conveniently view the contents through the glass top.
  • Wall Chiller. A Wall Chiller is a large commercial refrigeration unit that has shelves at various levels. It can be placed against a wall, has no glass window or door and is open at the front for easy access. Wall Chillers are the ideal units for food items that need to be kept chilled but not frozen. It is suitable for dairy products such as yoghurt, butter, cheese and milk drinks.
  • Meat/Deli Fridges. This catering equipment is designed with a glass window on the customer facing side. It is open at the back end to enable the supermarket staff to reach for the meat or deli products as per the customer’s request. This display fridge comes in different sizes depending on your requirements.

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