Ghostly Happenings In Historic Prague

Much has been written about Prague; how it’s a fantastic city to visit, extremely cultured and full of many architecturally beautiful buildings. That is all true, but what is less well known is that it is also a very haunted city. Indeed, the Czech capital is so full of departed souls that you can take an extensive walking tour during which you’ll be ‘introduced’ to Prague’s most famous ghosts.

People who opt to take one of the ghost tours are royally entertained by guides who usually list their occupation as ‘actor’ or ‘entertainer’, and they certainly live up to those titles as they spin their fantastic, yet scary yarns. Starting from epic Fantasy world under the medieval astronomical clock that has been ticking since 1490 at the Staromestske Namesti, your guide will regale you with some truly gruesome stories about Prague’s ghostly past.

Take the story of the Young Turk who haunts Tyn Court every full moon. During the 16th century a Turkish trader at the market outside the Court fell hopelessly in love with a pretty, young blonde local girl. He begged her to wait until he had returned home to seek a Muslim blessing to marry her, and the girl waited…and waited. Indeed, she waited so long that she feared her Young Turk had given up on her and so she married someone else on the eve of the return of the Young Turk, who had secured the marital blessing. In a fit of blinding rage, he beheaded the girl; and it is said that at every full moon his ghost, full of remorse, searches the Court so he can reunite her severed head with her body.

There are many other such stories on the tour, although thankfully most are not so gruesome. But, in addition to the spectres and ghouls, Prague has much more to offer. As it suffered much less damage during World War II than many other major European cities it has retained much of its beautiful historic architecture from many different eras; Art Nouveau to Baroque, Renaissance, Cubist, Gothic and Neo-Classical to the ultra modern.

There are so many places of interest to visit in The Old town, starting with the Old town Wenceslas Square, which attracts tourists from all over the world and is very close to most of the betterĀ hotels in Prague. The city also boasts an 18th century Baroque castle which is the largest in the world, and the beautiful St Vitus Cathedral.

Prague is also an incredibly cultured city. It hosts many music festivals and fashion shows throughout the year and features a National Opera, the National Gallery and numerous theatres. In addition it is a hot-bed of film production in Eastern Europe and many Hollywood films have been shot in Prague at the Barrandov studios.

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