Your Internet Marketing Business – Getting Off to a Fast Start

When beginning to take a peek at the prospect of having an online internet marketing business, you probably already realized the fact that the perfect wealth formula for success with any internet venture is driving a multitude of traffic to your website. Without this happening, you are looking at having some very tough growing pains which may even drive you to give up and quit on your dream. We will take a look at some of the best sources to use in bringing targeted customers to your website. The good news is that some of these are totally cost free.

Traffic Source #1: Online Classified Ads

One way to drive traffic to your website is through online classified advertising. There are just a ton of good classified sites available for your use. Some of them include,,,, and Another beneficial site to put an ad up is on your profile page if you have one.

Traffic Source #2: Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a great way to get traffic by paying the different search engines a fee for each time someone clicks on your ad. This is one of the most commonly used traffic sources, but it can also be a very expensive way to drive people to your website. In-depth research and time is highly recommended before jumping into pay per click advertising.

Traffic Source #3: Submitting to Other People’s Lists sites like backpage

You can pay someone to send an email to their list. What this means is they have built a loyal customer base and you simply agree to pay them a flat fee in order to send what is called a solo email ad about your business or website to their email database. Here are a few examples of some solo ad sites you can utilize in placing a one time ad,,, and

Traffic Source #4: Submitting Articles and Press Releases

Press releases and writing articles are an outstanding way to get low cost targeted traffic to your website. What you should do is take some keywords that you are wanting to target and talk about them in the articles you write as well as any press releases you create. This is a very good source of advertising which allows you to get traffic through the internet search engines.

Coming to conclusion, if you make a consistent effort to use a little bit of all these great traffic sources, you will really start to see a steady increase in visitors coming to your marketing website. These aforementioned sources really are a perfect wealth formula in bringing traffic to your websites which in turn means a lot more sales and customers for you.

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