Why Businessmen Don’t Read Blogs

For years now the search engine posse has been pushing the idea that we should all publish lots of data and get people reading our blogs and social networking pages and everything else we deem important to push upon an unsuspecting world.

In today’s society, the World Wide Web has expanded vastly. In the last decade the Internet has become an acquired taste for the idiosyncrasies of mankind, and the obsession of indulging in the depths of people’s souls, minds, and hearts www.earlynewspaper.com. It has transformed from just a trivial means of communication to an infamous way of advertising, entertaining, and educating. It has become the most common form to obtain information in regards to any question or inquiry one might have in life, period.

The complexity of the Internet has swarmed into the most basic forms of marketing, and advertisement possible. The new trend is called weblog, or blogging. To blog or weblog is to keep a diary, or a journal of sorts. It is a chronicle used on a website, any website to convey information, feelings, and thoughts. As news, commentaries, documentaries, and commercials are to television, blogging is to Internet. As odd as it may appear, it is a valid analogy.

Weblog is the full initial word in its entirety, blog is the contraction, a nickname for weblog. It relates well with its popularity on the web, it is easier to pronounce, and easier to type. Blogs were created as the need to expand, and share data and information became demanded. What need you ask? Well the old cliche’ goes “See a need, fill a need.” Individuals and businesses need a way to voice opinions, market services, and relate with others. Everyone has something to say, something to share, either to prove a point, or to advertise.

Blogging is embracing our rights by the constitution. It is our freedom to speak without consequences. To blog is the easiest way to share our thoughts, aspirations, and intentions through this vast new universe that we call the internet. There are endless possibilities when it comes to being a blogger. People post blogs endlessly on the web. They receive opinions and commentary on their thoughts, they obtain options on their business ventures, they seek solace in other’s opinions and ideas. It is the ultimate form of communication that has ever been established that hasn’t any boundaries to retain natural expansion. There is an enormous abyss of options in regards to bloggers

Turns out that even though we’ve been pushing these methods of marketing, they’re only good for one thing – increasing your Google rankings. You see, it doesn’t matter how many blogs you write, the people that matter don’t care. They don’t care about you, me or anything else. They still read the newspaper and watch the news; they’re not reading blogs.

That leaves us in a bit of a quandary – what’s the point of blogging if nobody is going to read them? Well, there’s still some point to it I suppose, but it’s not for people – it’s for search engines.

Search engines love blogs because they’re rich with content and keywords. If anything is going to tell a robot what it is you do, it’s going to be a well-written blog chock full of keywords, hefty meta tags and bolded important words. But when the search engines find them, will users be kind enough to even read them?

It seems blogs are great for causing revolutions. They’re brilliant at getting information across to the masses and amongst the world of the geek, they’re a fantastic read. People like Tim Ferris and Ben Goldacre do wonders with their publishing platforms of choice, but they’re serving a particular niche, a need for information from people who really want it.

As passive information (i.e. stuff that people actually go out and seek) they’re wonderful, but in the world of business they are not so useful. Businessmen are far too busy and from what I’ve seen, they don’t care for blogs – in fact, they don’t even know what one is.

I’ve now stood in front of over 500 people this year and asked the simple question “does anyone know what a blog is?”. I’ve had about ten people say they are absolutely sure what one is, but none of them would admit to reading them regularly. Nobody got any of their business information from a blog, in fact very few people read an industry web site with any regularity. It’s depressing. Or it’s an opportunity…

For us in the search engine industry there is a gaping hole that needs filling, and it’s a simple one – knowledge. The businessman armed with the knowledge to go out and read blogs is ready to get ahead of the competition. It’s a simple idea really, but the more information a company has, the better chance they’re got of beating those around them and so we have an angle with which to sell our services.

Train yourself, train your staff and learn how to use blogs, websites and social media and you can suddenly gain an advantage. Moreover, we can start telling people that blogs are useful again.

Andy Calloway is the online marketing director at Calloway Green Ltd, a website design and optimisation company based in Wolverhampton in the UK. Calloway Green take fantastic website design and turn it into a marketable and usable product that will actually make you money. They specialise in Birmingham Web Design [http://www.callowaygreen.com/what-we-do/Birmingham-web-design/] for West Midlands based organisations that are looking to sell their products to a wide audience.

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