Does the Brand Matter When You Buy a Watch?

The brand is one of the most important aspects when it comes to buying a new watch. Whether you are a fan of Ice watches, Citizen Watches or L.E.D. watches, every brand is different and you should take it into consideration when choosing a model.

Obviously the design and overall look of the watch will be important, but it pays to have an idea about certain brands before you make a purchase as this will help you to choose the right one.

The first thing to know about designer brands is that certain names come with certain connotations. You probably already know such models as Rotary seiko chronograph for sale watches and Armani Exchange watches come with a guarantee of quality, whereas other less-distinguished makes won’t be able to guarantee the same level of craftsmanship.

History is another important factor when it comes to deciding on a brand. When you see watches with a long history such as Citizen Watches and Sekonda you know that they are brands that have stood the test of time. With years of watchmaking expertise behind them they are the safe choice when it comes to choosing a watch either for yourself or for someone else.

A long and distinguished history is a sure-fire sign of quality, so if you are looking for a watch that will last you many years then it always pays to go with a well-established brand that prides itself on its strong reputation.

Certain brands specialise in particular types of watches that might be appealing to a buyer. For example, Rotary divers’ watches are specially made for diving enthusiasts and are made explicitly for that purpose, meaning you are guaranteed a watch that will perform well in a particular environment.

Other makes of watch such as Casio watches are more general in nature, covering digital watches and standard watches. These watches span many different varieties so are a good option for someone who does not have a particular type of watch in mind but still wants to choose an established brand.

Lastly, price will always be important when it comes to choosing a watch. Some brands are more expensive as a rule, and Rotary watches will probably cost more than Guess watches or Diesel Watches. This is not always an indicator of quality, but more often of status, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a high-quality watch to last you a lifetime.


Watches come in all shapes, sizes and designs, but you should always pay attention to the brand of the watch when it comes to choosing yours. Whichever brand you decide upon, always try to choose one that has a history of making quality watches and you will have more chance of buying a watch that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Martyn Bramley invites you to take some time out and think about treating yourself to a new watch!

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