How to Maintain a Fresh Blog in a Large Company

If we finally take the leap and get a blog on our website, it’s very often the case that we’ll sit there staring blankly at a screen wondering exactly what it is we’re supposed to be typing or doing in order to get Google and our customers to sit up and take note. How do we even start and what can inspire me to begin putting information out into the wide world.

Well, the first thing to do is to consider what sort of information sits well on a blog and what doesn’t. Some people try to be someone they are not on a blog and instead of coming across naturally they actually seem a bit false This can be a problem because it can instantly put people off reading and ideally we want them to be coming back. Others get overly-corporate and see the blog as simply an extension of their news portal and therefore fill it with corporate-sounding stuff that puts people off.

Lots of companies do this and they never talk about them. Your blog is the ideal place to tell people what you have been up to and getting the news out that you’re doing great things for your staff. It may sound a bit boring to many, but when pictures of the accounts team swimming in custard makes it to the front page – lots of people will be talking about it! Maybe get their permission first though, you don’t want to cause an incident!

Yep – possibly the most boring aspect of any company is all that sales stuff you do where you stand up in front of a crowd and try to explain to them what it is you can do for them. Well, why not crow about the successful ones? You may find some of it boring but regardless of the subject matter, you can bet someone in the crowd heard something new and useful so tell people about it. This is a way of building trust and if you can get a testimonial – all the better.

For example, if you have done a particularly good job for a customer, try to come up with some kind of joint news release that puts you both in a good light. Promote this through your blog and through other places on the Internet (external blogging) and make sure you mention both companies – you may see benefits in Google for both of you.

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