How Social Media Can Generate Buzz for Your Company and Get You On The News

A business can gain a buzz by achieving success on the social networking platforms. What is hot in the business news is any business can generate success by using social networking. Why? This is because so few companies are successful at generating business from the social media platforms. There are a lot of reasons why it is difficult to do this. However, a business that can do it successfully can grab a ton of free publicity.

Social networking is the home of “word of mouth” marketing. This medium is the source of unfettered opinions on everything. All topics are allowed and the truth is that the medium is the best source of information about any business This means that reporters are also looking for stories and authorities in this resource. A smart thing to do is to look for a story that businesses can “piggy back” on news that is current and post that on the social media networks. If that business can get enough people to share the post (as long as it is relevant to the topic) then they will generate buzz about the business. This buzz will turn into sales and followers.

Any subject that catches on the social networking systems is a topic that the businesses can blog about or write an article to use on the article submission sites. The business can also recycle the article, make a press release about it, and send that to the news editors around the town. However, this type of interaction may be more likely to be picked up because the social signals on the social networks are positive. This is a strong indication that the topic is a hot topic that reporters want to write or generate a story about for use in the paper or the newscast. This is a much easier proposition than generating a press release that may or may not be picked up by the news carrier.

Social networking or social media is a great source of information and market testing that no business should be without. All it takes is the willingness of the business to put their foot into the market. As evidenced by the posts above, a business can greatly increase their standing in the local marketplace by using social media and tweaking the content into usable formats for news carriers around the town. Anytime a business can generate buzz online and offline is time well spent.

Social networking is a good idea for any business. It gives the business marketing intelligence and it generates a buzz around the business. This information can then be recycled into content that can be used with news outlets around the town. What is smart is the ability of a business to use the content they generate and use it in many forms to gain as much exposure as possible. The use of this system will allow a business to generate business every quickly and leave competitors scratching their heads trying to figure out how it was done.

Writing a popular blog post is not as hard as some of you may think. A blog can be defined as an online interactive journal. Bloggers can write on a range of subjects including business, media, science & technology, politics, electronics and gardening. As a blogger, you may choose to write about your personal experiences in notebook format or produce news briefs, featured articles or produce reviews to attract readers to your blog. Studies have shown that it is imperative to conduct research and pay attention to details to write a successful blog. If you do not have passion to write on a particular subject, then chances are that your blog will not gain any popularity.

Blog Subject

Before doing anything else, you must identity your niche. A presidential campaign blog or a celebrity gossip blog, a sports blog or a product review website, you should choose a subject that inspires you the most. Make your blog different from your competitors. This can be done by approaching subject matters from an extraordinary angle. The more innovative and creative your blog is, the easier it will be for you to defeat and overcome your rivals.

From an MNC to an individual freelancer – almost every business entity owns a website but it would be interesting to know how many of these maintain a blog and update it regularly.

Updating the website with fresh content is more like a necessity in the web world. It is now well known that search engines value websites which are updated with fresh, unique and relevant content at regular intervals more than those that have been around for a long time but do not have anything much happening on them.

For instance, you offer web design and development services. Some prospective customer visits your website, sees your experience, scans your services (remember there are plenty of other sites with same services) and scrolls through the long testimonials. But is this enough to satisfy a customer about your ability who would be visiting several other sites before he makes his purchase decision?

Updating the regular pages such as those about the company or its services is impractical as one doesn’t keep changing one’s areas of expertise. Those are steady pages that are not expected to see frequent changes.

So how do you add fresh content? The answer lies in adding a ‘blog’ to your website, where you can post articles and write-ups about latest updates and innovations in your respective industry.

This personal space in your website also allows you to inform the world about your latest offers, news/events and happenings. The best part is – you can engage your potential customers and communicate with them by targeting some specific keywords based on trends.

Now take another scenario, potential client visits your site and finds a blog which is full of fresh, informative and high quality posts where people have commented and conveyed their views. Wouldn’t it send across a great impression about your company?

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