Best Phones of the Year – Nokia E71 Vs Vivo V20

If you’ve recently been holding out for a Samsung smartphone, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the new Vivo smartphone line. In particular, people are likely to be reviewing the Vivo Mobile 5G and the Vivo S20, two of the phones which come preinstalled with the software that has made the mobile industry what it is today. There is one thing you probably haven’t heard a whole lot about though: the phones run on the Linux operating system Vivo V21 5G. That’s right, the very same operating system that Linux computers are used on. While it might not sound like a big deal now, it will be a huge deal for anyone who wants to use a modern mobile phone that functions using the Linux operating system.

So, what makes the Vivo V21 so special? For starters, it boasts a supercharged octa-core processor. The Vivo V20 had a dual-core processor, but the Vivo V21 5G trades its single-core processor for a dual-core unit. Thus, the new smartphone features an impressive octa core processor backed by Samsung’s own TouchWiz interface, which is already becoming extremely popular on modern smartphones.

The dual-core processor helps the smartphone operate extremely quickly. This in turn enables it to run the most recent operating system and apps out there. As a result, users won’t have to wait for their favorite apps to load up if they want to use the latest feature. In fact, the Vivo S20’s instant task manager will enable you to launch apps and perform other tasks in a fraction of the time that it would take to do so with other smartphones.

Also inside the phone is a four mega pixel camera with a two-tone flash. It has an advanced laser zoom lens along with some features that are exclusive to the smartphone. One notable feature however, is the presence of microSD card. With the help of this, users can easily add extra photos or videos to their phone. To further enhance the capabilities of this feature, the Vivo V21 5G comes equipped with Samsung’s own HERE Shot app. Users who use the device will be able to capture any location through their lenses and have it converted to a black and white photo automatically.

If you think all of these are sufficient, then think again. Just like the front and back cameras, the internal camera has also been enhanced with some great new features. To start with, users can now shoot four different types of selfies namely, standard, front, back and front facing. Apart from the usual selfies, the rear and front facing camera is used to take videos too.

Other smartphone features also include a heart rate monitor, barcode scanner, GPS receiver, dual camera, facial recognition software, camera call recorder, MMS reader and plenty more. If you are looking for something unique, you should go for the Vivo V21 5G sunset dazzle. This unique feature allows the user to capture photos in the sunlight by adjusting its settings accordingly. Every photo is captured with the lens automatically, so you do not need to press on the shutter button to do so. This makes it ideal for people who are always on the rush and do not want to miss out on anything that’s happening around them.

As mentioned earlier, the Vivo Z20 indoor phobia was one of the best phones we reviewed. While it may not be as powerful as the Oneplus Nroid 2, it does have many similarities to it. The only major difference is the software. Since it is an indoor phone, it can easily connect to MMS and Bluetooth and this makes it much more fun than the usual smartphones we reviewed earlier. With the introduction of the Oneplus 2, it is evident that the company still cares about this niche and the Vivo Z20 is no exception.

On the other hand, the new Nokia E71 is more like a true camera compared to the previous models since it comes with one plus factor, the E71 has a really fast imaging performance even in low light conditions. It also has excellent clarity and good color reproduction ratio. In the end, it comes down to how you will use your smartphone and what features you find most helpful and entertaining.

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