What To Expect When You Buy a Turnkey Website

Buying a website business online can be slightly intimidating. In fact, buying anything online can be intimidating if you have never done it before. Whether you are buying a turnkey website or a teddy bear for your granddaughter, you never see the seller face-to-face and must rely on consumer review websites to determine if a purchase is a good idea.

The first quick signs of a good retailer is if they have a way to reach them via their website, they have a good selection of different niche websites, and the domain name of the turnkey website seller is older than a year or two (this indicates that their business practices are honest and what is promised is delivered, thus keeping them in business longer than a few months). Click here to read more about how you can find an honest turnkey website seller.

The first step to purchasing a website business is probably the easiest part of the purchasing process. This step involves the buyer (you) authorizing a transaction through an online payment gateway or sending money the old fashioned way, through a money order. (Take note that money orders are the safest and most reliable way to send money off-line f95zone. Cashier checks, especially checks drawn on banks you are unfamiliar with, are not full-proof secure and sometimes may be fraudulent.) But with that disclaimer aside, I prefer to use online payment gateways (PayPal is my preferred method, Google Checkout a close second) to send money when purchasing turnkey website businesses.

The payment process will be a bit different depending on if you use Google Checkout, PayPal, or another online payment gateway. But there are some common elements to all online check-out procedures: You will need to enter your information (name, credit card number, etc.) or you can sign-in if you already have an account with the payment processor (PayPal, Google Checkout, etc.) After you submit your information godaddy email, you will usually go to a payment confirmation screen. Once you confirm your purchase, you will receive a confirmation message to the email address you entered in during the check-out process (or the email address you have associated with your existing account that you logged in with). The seller will also receive an email notifying them that a payment has been received, the amount, and the item number or product name.

Using payment systems like PayPal, Google Checkout, or Moneybookers is simply an easy, quick, and secure way to transfer money online. Like Visa and other large credit card companies, these online money transfer systems are built with a high level of security and send your information through securely encrypted channels to ensure your privacy. If you use a service like PayPal or Google Checkout, you can be assured that your money and information will be safe.

The second step takes place once you hear back from the turnkey website seller. Do not consider a sales confirmation from PayPal or another payment gateway company to be an actual response from the company. Companies usually respond within 24 business hours; some respond within just several hours and some may take longer depending on time difference and sales volume. If you feel the time to get a response has been too long, don’t hesitate to contact the company via email or on their website contact form.

When you are beginning in the internet marketing world it is difficult to determine just exactly where you should begin by doing what first. I want to tell you that under no uncertain terms that building a website or having one built for you is really critical.

If you are not an experienced web designer or are able to build a good decent website then by all means have one built for you because this is the most critical element as to whether you may be successful or not so do not come to this dance half stepping. I will not try to say that you can begin this business for no money at all or next to none. It is going to take a bit of cash to get you launched properly and you need to do it right as I always will say is that Newbies should have a website already, so what’s the hold up?

Another consideration is your web hosting and out of all of the articles I have written and blogs I have done I do not make recommendation but once in a blue moon and I have peeked outside and there is a blue moon so I would like to say that you will not go wrong by using GoDaddy for your web hosting. If you do go with GoDaddy be sure to Google GoDaddy and get a promo coupon to help with your startup cost.

While you are putting all of this in place you need to develop a traffic building plan by investigating this on the internet or go to my blog to read all I have on Traffic Building, Search Engine Optimization and last but the most important of all is keyword research. I cannot say enough about your doing your keyword research and I may say that if you drop me an email asking for my book on Traffic Building and Keyword Research I will give them to you for no cost; my gift to you and launching your new business venture.

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