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Travel through any part of the world and you can find some great and exotic taste in varieties of pizza all over. Teenagers and young adults love to eat pizza any time of the day. Some like to have it with soft drinks and some like to have it as their mainstream foods. This is just exciting all the time and at all the places.

You can enjoy the pizza fast and easy whether you are at any part of the world. You can book your favorite pizza online too catering hong kong. Different local restaurants and personal fast food centers deliver them fast as you book them online or at phone call.

There are wide range of pizzas and varieties in them which you can order. It’s a matter of some minutes and you can get your favorite at your door steps within an hour of time. If you are a pizza lover and are just confused what to order you can look through various websites that are now willing to serve you best.

Crust pizza is must to try out. Its crust makes it delicious and its ingredients make it different from others. The pizza crust used is of better quality and the pizza sauce used makes it tasty. This provides a unique taste and variety to this excellent fast food. Some people like chicken pizza in which chicken is infused with flavor while others prefer cheese in their pizza. Whatever be your taste, there is always a pizza for you as per your preference.

There are many other famous pizzas like Hari Pizza, Manuel Pizza, Hottie Pizza, etc that are tasty, delicious and famous among teenagers. However, if you are a pizza lover then you definitely cannot ignore these varieties that are now available to taste at very affordable prices.

• Trichinella Spiralis. It reaches man on account of eating insufficiently cooked flesh of a pig having worms in encysted form. In pork and ram, those may be seen as white spots, large enough to be visible to the naked eye. The Adult worm lives in crypts in mucosa of small intestines. It gives rise to embryos which enter circulation and are carried into the musculature of host, where they encyst. The muscles most often affected are those of the diaphragm, larynx, tongue and abdomen. Encysted larvae remain alive for years. When these cysts are found in the slaughtered animals, the whole carcass should be condemned. Serious illness may result from Trichinosis, whole symptoms are pain, nausea, rapid pulse, fever, irregularity of bowels and death occurring due to peritonitis.

• Actinomycosis or Ray fungus. In this case, infectious agent is actinomyces Isrealii or A bovis. It is now recognized as parasite, which occurs in the meat of oxen. It may affect other cattle especially calves, pigs, horses and sheep. It occurs particularly in wet weather. The tongue, jaws and lungs are commonly affected. The post- mortem appearances closely resemble tuberculosis. In this case only the affected parts are condemned.

• Distomum Hepaticum of Liver Flukes. They resemble flat fish, each of them being 2-4cm long and 1cm wide. They are brownish in color and are found covered with little bristles. They are very common in sheep in India. The parasites are found in the liver, bile ducts and give rise to a disease called the rot. As cooking always kills the flukes, only a few cases of disease from this parasite are known to occur in man.


It is easily digested. It has a high nutritive value, though not so stimulating as meat, but generally it is less rich in fats and contains more calcium than ordinary meat. It has all the vitamins except vitamin C. Fish liver is a rich source of Vitamin A and D. Sea fish is a rich source of Iodine. There are two kinds of fish; Lean fish. It consists of small fibers and contains fat below 2%. It is easily digested. Another is the Fat fish, which consists of medium or large fibers with fat content of 2.5% or more. It is somewhat difficult to digest.

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