Charms for Necklaces? That’s Right, Charms Aren’t Just for Bracelets Anymore!

I’ve given up fighting my addiction to collecting charms. Now, I just embrace my cravings and collect as many as possible. One thing I’ve realized in all of my collecting is that they can be used to accessorize much more than just bracelets. If you’re charm crazy like me, don’t limit yourself to just bracelets when you can have fashionable necklaces and earrings custom hair clip wholesale to match.

I began collecting charms years ago before they were such a hot commodity. Now they are in every high end jewelry store that I walk into. Some of the industry leaders such as Pandora and Chamilia are selling their beads for top dollar prices that are indicative of the high end fashion jewelry stores that sell them. There are many Pandora style charms available that offer equally high quality for a fraction of the price. I buy for quantity and quality so this is perfect for me.

With increasing popularity beads are becoming very adaptable to a variety of uses, and this is a feature that I love. There is already a plentiful supply of unique charms out there, but I’ve always felt a little limited as to how I could wear them. I’m super excited to see that manufacturers are coming up with solutions to allow me to expand my charm accessories into the necklace and earring realm. That’s right, charm addicts! I can now interchange my collection of charms for necklaces with my bracelets and so can you.

Some jewelry stores are selling pre-finished necklaces along with a custom pendant that you can later add even more charms to. This is nice, but for true collectors, simply having the ability to buy chains and earrings with the ability to interchange them is brilliant. Many charm collectors like myself want the ability to create custom fashion accessories as apposed to simply purchasing pre-finished sets or collections that never change.

After all, charms are all about personalization, so the real charm-o-holic is going to want to have the flexibility to wear silver charms with her outfit one day and Murano Glass Charms the next. With the ability to interchange my existing collection of charms between necklaces, bracelets and earrings the possibilities are truly endless. I can wear alphabet charms for fun with the girls and swap them out later with my Pandora style charms for a fancy dinner in the evening.

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