Wholesale Costume Jewellery For the Holidays

The holidays are the one time of year which most people look forward too. Getting to spend time out of work and with family members is always a nice change of atmosphere. One important facet of the holiday season deals with jewellery and clothing. We all want to look our best while attending various holiday festivities. Wholesale costume jewellery can help you achieve a sharp look without forcing you to file for bankruptcy.

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Manufacturers of this type of jewellery have created styles unique to each holiday, including Christmas and Halloween. For Halloween, many retailers carry a skull pendant that is decorated with cubic zirconia stones for a chilling effect when it gets near a light source. Charm bracelets are yet another popular choice for this holiday buy gold in abu dhabi. If you are intending to deliver this jewellery as a gift to a friend or loved one, you will be glad to know that many wholesale pieces can be purchased in themed, elaborate boxes that captivate the atmosphere of a specific holiday.

There are certain things to look out for when in the market for wholesale costume jewellery. Even though a relatively small investment may be involved, you want this investment to last as long as possible. First, you’re safety is of utmost importance. Avoid any jewellery products that contain lead. This is a dangerous metal that can cause severe health problems if ingested or somehow inhaled. It is used to fabricate a cheap alloy (mixture of metals) on which gold or silver can be plated to. A product should be clearly labeled “lead-free” if you intend to buy it. Nickel is yet another metal that tends to be a problematic. It is not so much toxic, but rather some have allergies to it. So unless you want to develop a rash, steer clear of jewellery containing Nickel.

Health aside, if you want a durable product, make sure the plating is thick enough to endure extended use. What can happen is the plating will fade, revealing an unsightly metal underneath. Also, inquire about the stones used in the wholesale costume jewellery (if any). Curbic zirconia stones are always a good choice as they are very diamond-like in terms of appearance and durability. Acrylic or similar materials are prone to problems such as loss in shine, hence, they are best avoided.

Memorial jewellery is a new product in Australia and offers a very special source of comfort to those who have lost a loved one. These very unique pendants and bracelets have been especially designed as miniature cremation urns to hold a small amount of cremation ash or other keepsakes safely inside.

With cremation becoming a popular choice for a loved one, the options available to families are growing with it. Traditional urns are being replaced with sculptural pieces of art and miniature urns are growing in popularity, especially when the ashes are being scattered.

Pet cremation is also a growing market as more and more people choose to have their beloved pet cremated and remembered as an important member of the family.

Whether the choice is for burial, cremation, interment or any other funeral option, memorial jewellery allows families to keep some of the cremation ashes, a lock of hair or fur, soil from the burial site or even dried funeral flowers as a keepsake to hold close to their heart. The jewellery urns have been designed in such a way that only the wearer would know that it holds such a special memento inside.

The jewellery is designed in precious metals such as silver, gold, titanium and stainless steel and there are designs especially for men, pet loss and infant loss. As well as traditional pendant designs, such as hearts and crosses, the jewellery is also available in many contemporary and fashionable forms such as circular designs and tear drops. The range of designs result in a piece of fine jewellery which is worn for its own beauty as well as the keepsakes it holds.

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