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Modern day’s music systems have dragged most attention. These unique gadgets can surely fulfill your motto for living a sophisticated life. Old wired speakers are now getting outdated. Now people prefer to go for unwired  speakers. Wireless speakers don’t use any wires to function. These are the perfect medium to receive the real quality of sound. This is the reason why using speakers without wires are becoming more and more popular world wide.

Whether you need a correct ambience for your living room or garden, cordless speakers are all set to deliver you high standards on the use. However, there are certain things you need to consider before going for cordless speakers They can be obtained in the market in two basic categories. One is indoor wireless speakers and the other one is outdoor wireless speakers. As far as the functionality is concerned both the form of wireless speakers can work effectively. But as a user you need to determine speakers as per your requirements. If your looking for speakers that can go in your garden, or garage or somewhere that isn’t connected to your main house, then getting some outdoor wireless speakers would be the best option, how ever if you are going to go for speakers to use in your lounge room, or living room, then getting some wired speakers could also suite your needs.

Outdoor speakers come in countless different range and style. If you want a speaker for your garden then rock wireless speakers can bring you significant values. Rock wireless speakers are going high in demand because of its aesthetic look. It looks like a rock and can work as a speaker. You can keep it in the garden and can create a perfect ambience, which will drag your guest’s attention during a party or family function. The primary purpose of a speaker is to create sound, but it doesn’t have to look like a speaker to do it. But these days outdoor wireless speakers are exactly designed to offer you multiple benefits. These speakers are loaded with sophisticated features to offer you the maximum ease for listening to the ultimate sound, while providing a large range of looks so you can make then stand out, or blend into your garden.

We are at an age of convenience.  Many shoppers come to see us to view our wide selection of wireless outdoor speakers.  But why are so many interested in the wireless line versus the options of: Patio speakers, Garden speakers or Rock speakers?  Why are the varieties of these wireless outdoor speakers growing at a rapid rate?  I have to know for myself!  So join me as I narrow down the huge love affair we are now having for these “cord-free” listening devices.

So what do wireless speakers offer that all the others do not?  Well to start with they actually come packaged with one less thing than all the others:  Wires!  Recently we are seeing a boom in the wireless speaker sales and who can blame a consumer for wanting these extremely user friendly devices!  I know I like the way mine work for me, so let’s discuss the features that everyone likes about these guys.

No wires, well, what does that mean exactly?  Obviously speakers cannot power themselves without some sort of amplifier.  So the amplifier is actually built right into the individual speakers themselves in a wireless speaker.  Technology has come a long way and the ability to get a good powered amplifier into a small space is no longer a problem.  Imagine trying to get that old 70’s tube amplifier that was only putting out 15 watts into a speaker the size of large coffee cup, wow!  Yet technology is now able to put amplifiers that can put out 100 watts or more into a speaker no larger than the 5 x 7 picture frame on my desk.  And still have room for a power source to run them, because they are wireless!

To power these new “micro” amplifiers there needs to be a power source.  This comes in the form of a battery or bank of batteries.  Some wireless speakers take AAA, AA, C, D or even gel batteries to power them.  Most of which, are rechargeable in these various sizes and can be replaced when they reach the end of their life.  A majority of these speakers have internal rechargeable gel style batteries, the same type that you would find in battery back-up systems for your computer or in rechargeable flashlights.  These are typically gel batteries that have a long life span and can take many charges before ever being replaced.  But just like all batteries they will need replaced eventually.  The speakers that take standard off the shelf batteries can be replaced easily just by going to the local store and buying a new pack.  The only drawback to these is there life span is very low and they generally cannot be recharged.  But, these types do come in handy if you have left your speakers outside for a while and they are out of charge.  This gives you a way to get them going for that spur of the moment cocktail party!

Most all of the units with internal batteries come with power adapters that allow you to charge them for usage.  You can also use the power adapter to run the unit off of, If the batteries are too low, but this kind of defeats the whole “wireless” concept though right?  Units that take just off the shelf batteries don’t always come with power adapters so make sure you check this out before buying them.

Transmitters and receivers… let’s keep this simple for now. You get a transmitter with your wireless speaker system that takes the audio you plug into it and sends it via radio wave frequency to your wireless speaker/speakers.  Most come with an 1/8″ stereo plug in either in the form of a cable or a receptacle.  Some have RCA/PHONO connections as well as the new high tech direct plug in for iPods.  They are either powered by a wall adapter or batteries and are relatively small in size.  So they are pretty easy to set up and you can put them about anywhere.  They have a broadcast distance to your speakers of anywhere from 25-300 feet, check your model for details, this makes placement options great.  They broadcast the signals at various frequencies and are matched to the speakers in their particular line, so to add more speakers you will have to check with the manufacturer of your make and model system to add on.  Newer systems utilize higher frequency ranges to avoid interference from cell phones, cordless phones etc.  so this makes them less subject to noise.  This way you don’t have to hear your neighbor’s phone conversations through your back yard speakers!  Or maybe you do want to hear your neighbor’s phone conversations and those are products you will have to get information on elsewhere!

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