Acai Fit Zone Review – Kick Start Your Personal Fitness

From a young age we are taught that physical fitness is very important and should be incorporated into our daily lives. Through high school it is a part of our life because of sports or our physical education classes. After high school and college things tend to change. Our professional lives get very busy. Then we get married and have kids which leave us with no time for physical fitness. I have a solution that was uncovered in the Acai Fit Zone review. This product helps you kick start your fitness level by getting you cleaned out and helping you lose some unwanted weight.

The Acai Fit Zone Review really showed me personally just how remarkable this product really is. I spoke with many users of the product and they all said the same thing, they loved it. The reason most people love this product is that many folks lose over 10 to 15 pounds in a few weeks of using it. This launching pad actually inspires many people to keep going with their fitness and a lot of them have ended up in amazing shape. Besides losing weight there are a couple of other benefits that this product has. The next one is that you will have the energy of a teenager when you are done. This is because the product cleans out all the toxins and waste that is stuck in your system. This gives you the feeling of being lighter as well as just overall energy.

The last major benefit is that you are lowering your chances of getting hit with a major disease. The toxins in your body do not belong there. They cause so much harm and for the most part they are hard to get rid of. By doing the Acai Fit Zone review we found that this product’s specialty is getting rid of them for you so you can live a healthier life from this Y2mate day forward.

With all the cardio machines out there in our gyms one can find a fat burning and cardio zone feature. If you want to lose fat then chose the fat burning program right? WRONG!!! Years and years ago when individuals were tested in laboratories studies concluded that if you worked out a low intensity for a longer duration you would burn more calories from fat. Now this is true to a certain degree however for some reason the influence of higher intensities wasn’t tested fully as it is today.

As a result we had trainers telling their clients to go on a treadmill or stair climber at a comfortable and low intensity for 45-60 minutes. Well I am thankful that times have changed as most people use time as an excuse not to work out. I am happy to say that you can burn more ‘total’ calories when you work out at a higher intensity. This is fantastic news since most people don’t always have an hour to kill at the gym with all of their other responsibilities they face on a daily basis. If you want to see results, then work harder and yes in a shorter amount of time! Yes you heard it, in even 15-20 minutes you can get an amazing work out in! It’s all about what you put into your efforts.

Interval training has received a lot of attention in recent years. An interval can be done in so many different formats but as an example if you were on the treadmill and jogging, you would increase your speed so it turns into a fast paced run or sprint. Now this all depends on the fitness level and comfort of a client. For someone who is overweight and not going to be doing olympic sprints on the treadmill, they could simply start with a walk and alternate that with a quick paced walk or jog. Work to rest ratio’s can be a 1:1, 1:2, it doesn’t matter as long as you get a good workout at the end of the day.

With this fat burning programming some would be barely leaving the machine without a sweat. What’s the point? In order to see changes you must create a stimulus to the body in order for it to react. I know some activity is better then absolutely nothing, but if you want to see results then rev up that intensity! I do however suggest to my clients if they are feeling tired and unmotivated to workout at the low to moderate intensity. They are more likely to workout with this type approach then going to do intervals when they’d rather sleep so use your judgement. Also intervals because of their intensity should really only be done twice a week as it’s quite hard on the body.

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